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Conscious Knutschen

Our workshop “Conscious Knutschen” can be described as follows: Kiss your partner (or yourself) as if it were the very first time. A simple kiss, which most of us have experienced hundreds of times in our lives, can become an eternal, blissful experience if we experience it consciously with all our senses. We will guide you through this exercise by sharpening all our senses in turn. No prerequisites are required. It is ideal to bring a partner with whom you have an agreement to kiss (does not have to be on the lips), but you can also participate alone.

The workshop is divided into two parts. In the first step, the participants sharpen their senses themselves by focusing on one sense at a time: smelling, tasting, feeling, hearing, and seeing. In the second part, we follow the same pattern but this time with one partner (or several). We explore one sense at a time and observe which sensory impressions, many of which we otherwise overlook, make up the overall experience. How close can we get to the partner until we smell them? Can we feel the finest hairs on our partner’s skin before we touch them? Does the smacking of lips also remind you of a crackling campfire? How does the experience change when we add or remove another sense?

Love ceremony

This love ceremony aims to celebrate or reinforce love in all its forms. Whether you are looking to strengthen your bond with one or more existing partners, or simply want to cultivate more love and appreciation for yourself, this workshop offers a unique and meaningful way to do so. Participants are invited to engage in a series of exercises and activities that help them to cultivate more self-love and love for their partner. It is well suited for times of relationship crisis, or for those looking to revive their relationships.

Here are a few examples of practices that occur in the love ceremony. However, we do not want to take away the surprise yet and therefore do not reveal the exact procedure and all the program points:

A guided meditation and heart-opening cacao ceremony to help the participants connect with their innermost desires and feelings of love. As they sip on the ceremonial cacao, they are invited to let go of any negative thoughts or emotions that may be blocking their ability to fully embrace and express their love. Participants might be asked to write a love letter to either their partner or themselves. This letter serves as a way for them to express their love and appreciation for the person they are celebrating. They are encouraged to be vulnerable and honest in their writing, sharing their deepest feelings and desires. In addition, the participants may learn about the five languages of love, how to identify which language they speak themselves, and which language is the preferred one for their partners. This helps them to understand how to best express their love and appreciation for their partner in a way that resonates with them. Throughout the ceremony, the participants are guided to be present, open, and receptive to the love that surrounds them.

This offer can be booked individually on request. Get in touch.

How To Not Fuck up your sex Life

What if we could learn from hundreds of couples’ therapy sessions what we should avoid if we want to have good sex forever?

That’s exactly what we do.

As a couples and sex counselor, Jarla knows what the most common reasons are for couples to go to therapy. Low libido is just one of the six most common reasons. And even if every couple has individual reasons for this, there are still patterns. Want to know what the other most common reasons are? And above all, do you want good sex forever? We’ll tell you what to look out for.


What is your attachment style? Have you felt anxious when you haven’t heard back from someone you’re dating in a few hours? Do you nitpick at your partner’s imperfections when in a relationship? Many feelings we attribute to our partner may be linked to our own attachment style. Understanding our attachment style can help us recognize emotional and behavioral patterns in relationships.

Attachment Theory is a psychological concept that explains how people form and maintain close relationships, particularly in childhood. It was first proposed by John Bowlby in the 1950s, and suggests that our early relationships with caregivers shape our attachment style, which in turn influences how we relate to others throughout our lives. This seminar will explore attachment theory and how it impacts our relationships. Participants will learn about the different attachment styles and take a quiz to identify their own styles. The seminar will also delve into how our attachment style influences our love lives, including how it can affect our ability to trust and connect with others, and how it can impact how we respond to conflict in relationships. Strategies for dealing with triggers will also be discussed.

Nackt & Nebel (Ex. “Nackte Schönheit”, Private evenT)

A series of conscious naked dance parties. It’s a safe space for exploring nudity as a means to let down guards and feel more connected to oneself, to others and to our communities. It’s a body-positive event, not a sex party.

Every body is beautiful.
We question the beauty standards of our culture. We are constantly bombarded in the media with images of flawless bodies and faces, leaving many of us feeling inadequate and ugly. Society has taught us to be ashamed of our bodies and to hide them. With our clothes, we conceal the parts we don’t like and try to accentuate the ones we think others will like. At our events, however, we consciously meet each other as we are – in our naked beauty. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others and start accepting and loving ourselves as we are. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. But they also say that one sees well only with the heart. Only when we ourselves look at others with a pure heart, freed from cultural ideals of beauty, can we recognize true beauty.

We journey through the whole event together. We start with clothes on and undress in our opening ceremony together to make it as smooth as possible for everyone. Oh, by the way, did we mention that we have world-class DJs that make our booties swing? https://soundcloud.com/bei-nackt-nebel

Sit around the fire

We gather as a community to sit around the fire, plant seeds of inspiration, exchange insights into the nature of things, bridge gaps between disciplines of thought, and have fun along the way.
It is an open forum for whatever might arise from individual contributions and the group consciousness. Every participant is invited to bring into the space whatever has touched their hearts or moved their bodies. This could be reciting a poem, singing a song (together or alone), playing a piano piece, carrying out a ritual, instructing a Meditation/Yoga/Qigong/etc. practice, passing on a spiritual or philosophical insight.
We welcome everyone regardless their belief, experience, appearance or orientation-what-so-ever.
It is an altruistic event. No one makes profit with it. Instead we collect donations for a good cause, which we may select together. Children are welcome!

Celebrate the Planet

Come and join us for a movement that will give you the knowledge and the confidence to embody the change we need in our world.

It’s a community that will allow for tying strong bonds – because together it’s easier and more fun.

And it’s a party that will move you in a way no party ever has

More details on celebratetheplanet.de


Our men’s circle is a safe and supportive space where men can come together to discuss a variety of topics related to their identities as men. These circles often focus on issues such as sexuality, masculinity, and relationships, and provide a place for men to share their experiences and feelings with one another in a non-judgmental environment.

The format of our men’s circle can vary, but they often involve a mix of facilitated discussions and activities, such as journaling, meditation, or group exercises. Participants are encouraged to be vulnerable and authentic, and to create a culture of honesty, trust, and respect within the group. Men’s circles can be a powerful tool for personal growth and connection, and can help men to better understand themselves and their relationships with others.

Co-Create your event with us

If you’re interested in co-creating events or hosting your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas with us. We’re always open to hearing new ideas and helping people create meaningful and impactful events.

Past events


Tempel der Sinne
Authentic Pleasure @ evolve X green yoga urban festival

Celebrate the Planet

Platonic Intimacy: A Community Building Toolkit by Ella


How to navigate jealousy

Climate Fresk Workshop @Offenes Wohnzimmer Moabit Body Love Experience by Daphne Rara
Nackt & Nebel (ex. Nackte Schönheit #5)

Design your own Body Chain

Design your own Body Chain
How to navigate jealousy @ Hedoné Seminar
Men*’s Circle @ Hedoné Seminar
Conscious Knutschen @ Hedoné Seminar
Conscious Knutschen @ Mystic Creatures Festival
Men*’s Circle
Sensualisation series by Oli Lipski: Sensual Kink & Sexual Edges

Sensualisation series by Oli Lipski: Sensual Pleasure & Sexual Creativity
Sensualisation series by Oli Lipski: Sensual Communication & Sexual Confidence
Conscious Knutschen @ Wilde Möhre Seelenkiste Festival
Sensualisation series by Oli Lipski: Sensual Self-Soothing & Sexual Healing

Nackte Schönheit #4
Embodied Sharing Circle – A Half Day Journey

Climate Fresk Workshop
Men*‘s Circle

Immersion in Shamanic Energy Medicine – Event 1: Fire Ceremony
Event 2: Returning to the Garden
Event 3: Bands of Power
Reduce conflicts by Understanding Attachment Styles
Design your own Body Chain or Harness
Sit around the Fire – A communal space for the arts, spirituality and altruism

Love Ceremony
Men*’s Circle
Nackte Schönheit #3

Konflikte reduzieren durch Verständnis von Bindungstypen/ Attachment Styles
Reduce conflicts by Understanding Attachment Styles (webinar)
Love Ceremony on Valentine’s Day
Understanding Attachment Styles / Bindungstypen verstehen (morning)


Nackte Schönheit #2
Thank X it’s Friday (online)

Conscious Knutschen @ Burn Night at Birgit & Bier
Thank X it’s Friday

Nackte Schönheit #1